Whether you are an individual client or an agency seeking voiceover services, we are here to fulfil your requirements. We can provide the voice of your next Youtube advertisement, social media campaign, audiobook and more.
Create an ad that will actually make a difference!  A successful advertisement is there to inform, entertain and impact. Hence, finding the right voice actor is critical to get your message across. Our specialists consider the specifics of quality voice overs for ads. They also adapt their tone, intonation, and pace paying attention to the peculiarities of your message, brand or product as well as to whether you’re working on a video or an audio commercial. Deliver the exact message and mood you target, and sometimes even more!
Dubbing is not an easy task if you want quality. It is way more than simply reading off the script. The dubbers need to make sure they remain believable and at the same time unnoticed all the way through, while demonstrating subtle acting skills. PandaVoiceOver provides an exceptional opportunity to get quality dubbing services at affordable prices. Furthermore, our expertise in the field will help you choose the voiceover artist with the voice and diction most suitable to your needs. In case you like a certain famous actor, whose rates or availability do not allow for a cooperation, we’ll be able to help you find the closest possible voice.
Have you noticed that the little voice reminding which program you’ve been listening to or announcing what’s coming next is perhaps the most essential element to keep the radio audience around? Choose from the list of Panda Voice Actors who possess the clear, fast, and catchy diction you want for your radio project. Let us help you make your radio commercials or announcements more influential, sharp and lively. In radio more than anywhere else it’s not just about what you’re saying but, to a greater extent, about how!
Available for public as early as 1930s and becoming increasingly popular nowadays,  Audiobooks are a unique form of storytelling, and as such demand a special approach and specific voice techniques in order to keep the audience captivated no matter how lengthy the content is. To ensure the best possible results the voice actor needs to have the full picture of the book, the characters, and the author: to this end we make sure that actors have the chance to read the complete material in advance, as well as meet the authors themselves in case they are available. This also gives the author the chance to know the voice actor in person and make the best choice.
Whether you’re working on a corporate video, presentation or infographics, the aim is to capture the audience through the interesting content, and not less importantly, the engaging voice. In fact, it’s often the voice and the sound that can turn a potentially dull content into something catchy, and conversely, make an otherwise sound piece of work quite unattractive. In case you’re doing a brand project, the voice you choose might subconsciously be linked with your brand,  business or product and hence you want just the right association. We’re fast, flexible, affordable and professional because we know that’s what you’re looking for.
A good voiceover in this area is the indispensable factor that ensures a high level of involvement and information retention. And what is your main aim when creating any learning material if not engaging the user in a way that helps him learn and digest the information most efficiently? Our voice specialists know how to effectively use breaks to help users process information or put the right emphasis to signpost a new idea or topic. Subtle techniques like these, coupled with the energetic voice, can make your material comprehensible and interesting.