We are offering a variety of services which all aim to enhance the quality of the voiceover. Whether you are a client who is looking to enhance the quality of the voiceover recording, or a voiceover artist who is willing to further develop and measure his performance, then Panda Voiceover is the right place for you.
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Voiceover evaluation
As people are getting more aware of the voiceover filed, we provide voiceover evaluation services for those who seek improvement in the field, and also for those who are looking to know more about the field and looking to evaluate their performance and knowing the strength & weakness in the field.

This service include a small workshop between the attendant & the voiceover director. Of course the session will be in a professional studio, and the sound engineer will also be presented to answer all the questions to better assist the attendant.
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Voiceover direction
As any other media field, voiceover faces challenges. That’s why we provide a voiceover director in Panda Voiceover to make sure all our works fulfill the critical skills in voiceover. Whether you are a voiceover ,or a production company who has a big project, then we can provide voiceover direction for your talent in order to insure the quality of the outcome. This service is provided for essential projects which is looking for a voiceover with cutting edge level, where we use all the knowledge that we have built & developed since 2014.
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Creating demo
You only have 5 seconds to convince the clients! Otherwise, they will move to preview the next talent. That’s why it’s vital to have a breath taking demo file. In another word, if you don’t have a good demo file then the clients won’t take you seriously. We have created many demo files for all our trainees who took our courses. The demo has to meet

The demo has to go through many steps. Starting with meeting your personality & direct the client on which field you perform best in voiceover. Ending with the power of the script & the words that are used, along with the background music. Remember your demo file is your CV. The stronger it is, the more likely you will get a job!
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Book per month
If you have a long project such as audio book, podcasts, online program or TV program, then you can book a voice actor per month which will cut the cost and guarantee you the quality. To have this service then you can either send us your inquiry with the details and we will nominate the best voiceover for your inquiry, or you can directly send the voiceover a message through his profile (click here to browse voiceover).
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Find similar voices
Do you have a certain character and you are looking for a voiceover to mimic it? Let us know and we will help. This service in useful in case you have English voiceover and you are looking to have a similar voiceover in Arabic and vice versa. Also, you might have a certain character in mind – the villain for example – and you are looking to find the suitable voiceover to do the job. Panda voiceover is here to help you.
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Writing department
Voiceover is about deliver the feelings in the script in the best. That’s why Panda Voiceover has it’s own writing department which reviews the scripts and insures that there are no typing or grammatical mistakes. The script has to be will edited in order to be performed right!

The following fields goes under the writing departments:
- Copy writing
- Editing & proof reading
- Translation